featured graphic for Coast Community College District after COVID-19

Coast District welcomes more than 31,000 students for the new academic year

The Coast Community College District welcomed more than 31,000 students back to Coastline College, Golden West College, and Orange Coast College for the first day of fall semester classes on Monday, August 30, 2021. They are joined by military servicemembers and other specialized student populations across the globe.

More than a quarter of all Coast District students will attend at least one in-person class this term. To prepare the way for these students, all offices and departments districtwide are open to in-person visitors at least two days per week.

“It was impossible to know, more than a year ago, that the COVID-19 pandemic would have such a lasting impact on academics and operations,” said Dr. John Weispfenning, Coast District Chancellor. “Those who have been with us through the summer are sensing the excitement of the fall semester and the return of many students, faculty, and staff from break and from a year of being at home.”

While many things have changed since March 2020, one thing that has not changed is the Coast District’s commitment to academic excellence. The top disciplines in terms of districtwide enrollment that can be found in English, math, and the sciences – alongside numerous career education programs – presenting a particular challenge.

“You can imagine the barriers to overcome in trying to help a student advance their math skills or gain practical laboratory experience in an online setting,” said Dr. Andreea Serban, Coast District Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Technology. “Our faculty and staff have found thoughtful solutions to keep academic quality and student success high even as we have taught primarily online – still, having about 30 percent of classes in person is a welcome relief to many.”

As with much of the prior year, the Coast District is working to adapt best practices for a new hybrid existence going into the busy fall semester. Where these practices do not exist, the district is leading the way in creating new solutions that build from decades of experience in on-campus and online education.

This article was released by the Coast Community College District.