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Senator Min gun violence prevention bill heavily amended but heads to Assembly floor

Senator Dave Min (D-Irvine) announced his Senate Bill (SB) 264, which would end the sale of ammunition, guns and ghost guns on state-owned property, passed out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee last Thursday. However, the bill was narrowed in committee to cover only one fairground site, the Orange County Fair and Event Center.

“While I’m happy that SB 264 is one step closer to keeping the citizens of Orange County safer from the specter of gun violence, I am extremely disappointed that this bill was derailed by politics as usual,” Min said. “We are facing a gun violence epidemic, one that is not limited to Orange County but which has enveloped our state and country with tragic and unacceptable results. These are not just statistics, and we cannot simply allow the status quo to be normalized or seen as acceptable.

“Study after study shows that more guns in our communities lead to more gun violence. Gun shows not only increase the presence of guns in our communities but also circumvent gun safety laws and encourage the sale of ghost guns — gun precursor parts that are virtually untraceable for law enforcement.

“I thank our partners who helped us get this bill one step closer to the Governor’s office. For now, I hope that with their continued support, we will get SB 264 off of the Assembly Floor and signed into law by the Governor, making Orange County families that much safer from gun violence.

“But I also vow to them that we will take up this cause again next year. California must get out of the deadly and morally wrong business of selling guns.”

Senator Min represents the city of Costa Mesa, where the Orange County Fair and Event Center is located. The site typically hosts multiple Crossroads of the West gun shows every year.

The bill heads to the Assembly Floor next, where it requires a majority vote (41).

This article was released by the Office of Senator Dave Min.


  1. “But I also vow to them that we will take up this cause again next year. California must get out of the deadly and morally wrong business of selling guns.”

    Clearly Mr. Min has not read and does not care about the Constitution or our guaranteed 2nd Amendment right.

  2. why not go after the real criminals instead of law abiding citizens? that would be a start. Min stated that the bill was “derailed by politics” but you are a politician and playing politics with this. so why did you proceed with a bill that got stripped to one location? The sales of guns, ammo, and parts are all taxed and that revenue would be stripped from your district. Plus its “morally” wrong to inhibit the second amendment that prevents law abiding citizens from protecting themselves from the criminals that DA’s across the state fail to prosecute. Basically you are siding with criminals here and pushing small business out of the Golden State.

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  4. contactyoursenatorstotellthemtovoteagainstthisbill

  5. I hope this bill does not proceed. The OC Gun Show has occurred for decades. Safety is a top priority for all gun owners. Gun owners are those who go through the lawful process. Even at the OC Gun Show, sellers and buyers are required to comply with all CA and Federal laws. Doing otherwise is unlawful and already a crime. Readers should also know that the definition of “ghost guns” are those that had their serial numbers illegally removed or a self-manufactured gun illegally sold. The only allowance given to firearms without a serial number are those that were manufactured before the serialization laws were implemented. The self-manufacturing of guns is included and protected by the 2nd Amendment. These guns are illegal to sell without a serial number. Once again this bill will only impact law abiding gun owners as criminals are those that do not follow the law. I hope the Senator does his due diligence on any future bills to speak with those groups that will be affected. I also hope he goes through the process to purchase a gun in CA to become more informed on the matter. He should also attend the OC Gun Show and ask various vendors and attendees their thoughts on the matter.

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