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California Budget & Policy Center: Crucial benefits are expiring when unemployment remains high

Unemployment benefits are the lifeline that help people pay for rent, food, and other basic needs, while they search for a new job. And with federal unemployment benefits set to expire this Labor Day, that lifeline will be cut short for many California workers and their families — pushing them off a financial cliff.

Ending federal unemployment benefits on Labor Day is not a race-neutral policy; it ignores the inequities in our recovery and exacerbates existing race and gender disparities at home and work, especially among Black Californians. Here’s what we know:

Losing a job in California can be less devastating. In the weeks ahead, state policymakers should use the strong fiscal health of the state to increase unemployment benefits — especially for low-paid workers — to cover rent, food, and other basic needs while they search for work and provide for their families.

This article was released by the California Budget & Policy Center.

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  1. Standard unemployment coverage is good. Yes, it is a lifeline and support for those that are between jobs. It was never meant to be long term coverage.

    However, these augmented benefits have been shown to inhibit able workers from returning to work or finding a job. The expiration of these additional benefits will assist in getting people back to work.

    All around OC there are hiring signs presented at business, there is a high number of vacancies that can be filled.

    Under the previous administration, unemployment numbers were reduced for all races. We should incentivize working and an individual’s career progression. Make business easier, this will increase available jobs, wages will rise, dependence on these benefits will fall. This will provide for more available benefit resources without breaking the bank and increasing inflation, which hurts us all.

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