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Room with a View: About Representative Correa honoring Planned Parenthood’s Terry Stapleton

Although the news release from Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties (PPOSBC) blurs the boundary lines, the recognition given to Terry Stapleton by Representative Lou Correa (D-CA46) was in response to her leadership in the fight against COVID-19, for which she should rightly be applauded. That work is indeed praiseworthy.

The other work done by the organization that she heads — abortion — is not praiseworthy. It is evil. It is legalized murder.

However, we who oppose abortion should not assume that those who support abortion cannot perform praiseworthy acts, and those praiseworthy acts should indeed be praised while maintaining condemnation of the evil acts.

Abortion supporters have reacted to the recent Supreme Court ruling upholding the Texas fetal heart-beat bill with inaccurate assertions and reckless accusations. They have insulted and bad-mouthed abortion opponents and revived the notion of adding members to the Supreme Court to ensure judicial outcomes pleasing to themselves rather than solidly based in Constitutional law.

We somehow must blunder our way out of our current swamp that requires death matches rather than debates.

We could start with mutual civility towards members of “the other side.” They are not irredeemably evil. Their actions are evil. Their actions cannot be retroactively changed, but they can change moving forward.

Accordingly, we published the news release from Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties because Terry Stapleton’s work to ensure employees and patients are vaccinated against COVID-19 should be recognized.

PPOSBC’s work should likewise be recognized, as evil.

We should instead direct government funds away from Planned Parenthood towards efforts to support women before they enter abusive relationships, during crisis pregnancies, and after the child’s birth. Attention should also be paid to the men — the fathers — who see no lapse in personal responsibility in driving their women to an abortion clinic and waiting outside while their child is killed — instead of accepting responsibility for their joint actions and buckling down to marriage and parenthood.

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  1. She is a hypocrite. Stop Abortion and SAVE even more lives.

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