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Southern California redistricting roundup: Los Angeles and Orange Counties

As California prepares for the next U.S. Census 2020 release later this month, county redistricting commissions are in full swing. Each county in the SCAG region will be undertaking its redistricting efforts to ensure that each Board of Supervisors member represents about the same number of constituents, and so is the state. State law requires each county to engage communities in the redistricting process by holding public meetings and doing public outreach, including to non-English-speaking communities. Here is a summary of redistricting efforts.

Los Angeles County

In Los Angeles County, the Los Angeles County Citizens Redistricting Commission has launched a series of public hearings to solicit ideas on how to adjust the district boundaries for electing the Board of Supervisors for the next decade. This commission is principally responsible for drawing the new redistricted boundaries. For more information about LA County redistricting visit redistricting.lacounty.gov. Los Angeles County also allows citizen input on redistricting for the City Council and School Board. More information on those efforts can be found at redistricting2021.lacity.org and redistricting2021.lacity.org/LAUSDRC.

Orange County

In Orange County, the Board of Supervisors is responsible for drawing supervisorial districts. Citizens are invited to participate in the redistricting process by testifying at public hearings and workshops. Public workshops will be provided in applicable languages if residents submit a request in advance, and the Board of Supervisors will notify the public about redistricting workshops, post maps online before adoption and create a dedicated web page for all relevant information about the redistricting process. To learn more about Orange County’s redistricting, please visit cob.ocgov.com/2021-redistricting.

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