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Congressman Lowenthal applauds passage of historic investments in transportation in the Build Back Better Act

Congressman Alan Lowenthal (CA-47) joined with his colleagues on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to approve the committee’s portion of the 10-year budget reconciliation package now before the House of Representatives. The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has jurisdiction over $57.5 billion within the Build Back Better Act, and the committee-approved legislation includes crucial investments ranging from housing accessibility to combatting climate change.

“The portion of reconciliation package advanced last night form a key part of President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda. The investments this bill will make will transform communities around America and will be particularly significant for our community here in Long Beach and Orange County,” Congressman Lowenthal said.

“While these investments are only a part of the overall package, they will have a critical impact on our community, and on the American economy. I eagerly await the opportunity to pass these long overdue provisions. “

The bill provides $2.5 billion to the Maritime Administration for grants for projects to support supply chain resilience, reduce port congestion, and promote development of offshore wind support infrastructure, environmental remediation, and projects to reduce the impact of ports on the environment. The committee also included a further $100 million investment in technologies to address the environmental impact of the maritime sector, including reducing the noise and carbon pollution from vessels.

Other critical provisions of the bill will provide $10 billion to support affordable housing access for low-income communities, competitive grants to help local governments establish transit routes, improve service, and reduce or eliminate transit fares.

An additional $10 billion will support high-speed rail, while $4 billion will be available to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, including an incentive structure for states to demonstrate carbon reductions. The bill also makes a $1 billion investment in projects to develop and apply low-emission aviation fuels.

Other critical investments will support our shipbuilding industry, make long-deferred investments in Coast Guard facilities and capabilities, and make key investments in water infrastructure.

This article was released by the Office of Congressman Alan Lowenthal.


  1. Dear Sir,

    Please make sure that you do not raise the gasoline tax to pay for these programs. We Californians have it rough enough already. “The President’s pledge was not to raise taxes on Americans making less than $400,000 a year and the proposed gas tax, or vehicle mileage tax, would do exactly that, so that is a non-starter for him,” Psaki said. Please stand with that pledge.

    Thank you,
    Joseph Black

  2. Joe Biden’s revised motto is:

    Build TALIBAN Back Better

    And he’s doing a fantastic job! Thanks to Joey, the Taliban now has one of the strongest and most sophisticated military armies in the Middle East. Americans realize Biden’s failings since his poll numbers are sinking and college sports games start with chants “FJB.” I will let readers figure out what the “F” stands for.

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