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Letter to the Editor: Who Needs Elections When You Can Have a Recall Instead?

Dear Editor,

The far right has difficulty winning elections in California these days. In lieu of moderating their positions to better reflect the mainstream electorate, the new strategy of the resistance movement seems to be the taxpayer-funded recall. It didn’t work out well for Larry Elder, who has zero chance of winning a real statewide election. The failed gubernatorial recall, by the way, will likely cost California taxpayers somewhere around $276 million.

Against this backdrop, we now have a likely recall effort against the majority of the Los Alamitos School Board, led by an individual who apparently ran unsuccessfully for the school board in 2016. The reasons for a recall? Certainly not corruption or some other malfeasance. It is all about indoor mask mandates for students (recommended by the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics, and also the law in California), an ethnic studies high school elective (requested by the students themselves, and not required), and social justice standards to address intolerance.

Our local government institutions, including the school board and the RCSD, are meant to be, and should be, non-partisan. The culture wars consuming our country have no place in local politics. This recall effort, if it goes forward, will be a waste of public funds, spearheaded by folks who are intolerant of alternative viewpoints, unwilling to compromise or engage in meaningful dialogue, and determined to impose their worldview at all costs. (Perhaps the social justice standards promulgated by LAUSD can be used to address intolerance for alternative viewpoints that will likely be reflected in rebuttals to this op-ed.)

Michael V. Sanders

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  1. Regarding the LAUSD recall, not everyone in that district likes the Marxist bend of the school board members including supposed Republican Diana Hill. When the last patriotic American who believes in the U.S. Constitution has left the district/California, there won’t be anymore recalls. Totalitarian regimes don’t like recalls.

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