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Let’s Get Vaxxed! Gregg Young to release latest song Vax

Following in the footsteps of “Together (Hk),” with its message of “we are in this together” and taking cues from his PSA song, “Spreading (Covid 19 Guidelines),” “Vax” is Gregg Young’s newest song and plea for us all to get our Covid-19 shot. Vax will be released on Friday, October 1.

The pen is mightier than the sword, but the traditional song is as old as mankind!

There have been three versions of “Together.” “Together,” “Together (A)” and “Together (Hk).” “Together (A)” was considered in two categories for a Grammy, Best American Roots Song and Best Roots Performance. “Together (Hk)” is currently being considered in the Grammy category of Best Remixed Recording.

Young shared, “We were shocked and amazed that our PSA “Spreading (Covid 19 Guidelines)” has been streamed over 11,300 times and has received radio airplay as well!”

Now, it’s “Vax” time! Herd immunity time! Be the first!

Share “Vax” with family, friends, colleagues and anyone that needs a little boost of courage. It will play on your phone!

Check out a pre-release link here.

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  1. Ridiculous!
    YOU get the vaccine!
    Those who had COVID are in much better shape than those getting the vaccine. And do you mean get the first jab, or the second jab, or the third jab???
    Leave us alone because we are NOT getting the vaccine!!!!!!!

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