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Letter to the Editor: Sister cities should work together to support each other

Dear Orange County Breeze Editor:

Many people assume that sister cities work together to support each other whenever possible. As a Cypress resident, I think of La Palma, Los Alamitos, Rossmoor, and Seal Beach as my city’s sister cities. It appears I might be wrong when it comes to Los Alamitos and Seal Beach.

Six months ago, it was announced that the annual Cypress Community Festival would be held on Friday evening, October 8 (with ticketed events) and then the free festival featuring a classic car show, three stages of entertainment, specialty booths including craft, business and nonprofit, food hall, and special events would be held on Saturday, October 9.

Let me repeat: the 40th Cypress Community Festival to be held on October 9 was announced six months ago in April of this year.

Then in July Los Alamitos announced it would hold its Taste of Los Alamitos on the same evening that the Cypress Community Festival was still taking place. (This year’s festival starts in the early afternoon and runs through the evening.)

Then just two weeks ago, Seal Beach announced it would be holding its classic car show on the same day.

Why have three big events for these three small cities on the same day? Was October 9 the ONLY Saturday that Seal Beach and Los Alamitos could select?

The great news is that the Cypress event INCLUDES a classic car show! Folks can attend the Cypress Community Festival and see the classic car show along with all the other attractions, entertainment, food, and booths.

More good news is that there will be also delicious foods at the Cypress Festival so perhaps it should be called A Taste of Cypress.

EVERYTHING from classic car show to deliciously unique foods in one convenient location at the Cypress Community Festival!

I am writing this letter solely as a Cypress resident who frequently visits Seal Beach and Los Alamitos (shopping and dining) and is disappointed that our neighboring cities weren’t more considerate when selecting the date for their respective events. My only connection to the Cypress Community Festival is that my Republican club – West Orange County Republican Women Federated – will once again have a booth at the Cypress Community Festival!

Robin Itzler
Cypress Resident Since 1978


  1. Everything changed due to COVID. Events that were normally held on a certain date were held on another date. Not sure if these cities talk to each other but with everything topsy-turvy, the group that announced a date first should get priority. Our state’s 3 big cities (LA, SF & SD) don’t always talk to one another so I am not sure why anyone expects 3 little cities in OC to talk to one another.

  2. It doesn’t make any sense to me that these three little cities are having their city events on the same day. It doesn’t even matter if someone didn’t plan to go to the other events. It is just the idea that there are so many Saturdays and Saturday nights when there is nothing happening in this neck of the woods & then there are 3 events all on the same day. IMO once a city has announced an event the nearby cities should plan their event around it.

  3. Thanks for publishing Robin’s letter. She is so right. I have lived in West Orange Co. For 57 years. Los Alamitos and now Cypress. While still in Los Alamitos we helped on the Cypress Festival. Working together makes for a better Community. Thanks Robin

  4. Agree. I would have taken the family to Seal Beach but will go to Cypress. Seems cities changed dates so you can’t say we always held our event on such & such date. SB used to be at the end of April. Pandemic changed everything.

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