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Unified Command continues response to oil spill off Orange County beaches

The Unified Command is continuing its response Tuesday to the oil spill off the coast of Orange County.

The Unified Command contracted commercial divers to identify the source of the leak. The divers on Monday validated Remotely Operated Vehicle footage showing no indications of oil release at the potential source of the leak. Diver reports and ROV footage show that a 4,000-foot section of the 17.7 mile-long pipeline was displaced with a maximum lateral movement of approximately 105 feet and had a 13-inch split, running parallel to the pipe.

Overflights and shore-based responders continue to monitor at the ocean and shore for oil impact.

The National Response Center received a report of a unknown sheen of unknown source on Friday evening. These types of reports are common and in many cases, the sheen reported can be natural seepage of oil or sheen that is never located. NOAA satellite imagery was reported to agencies early morning reporting a possible oil anomaly.

Crews from California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Office of Spill Prevention and Response responded to the report to investigate before sunrise. Conditions were foggy and the crew returned to shore. The Coast Guard and Orange County Sheriff deployed at first light once fog lifted to investigate. A Coast Guard aircraft was diverted to support the investigation. On Saturday morning, the company confirmed a release of oil from a pipeline.

Updates as of Oct. 5 at 7 a.m.

  • 4,788 gallons of crude oil have been recovered.
  • An estimated 15.67 miles of light oiling was reported along shorelines.
  • Six miles of shoreline have been cleaned and crews continue cleanup efforts
  • Seven aircraft are assigned with 14 flights scheduled for Tuesday.
  • 11,360 feet of containment boom have been deployed.
  • Eight oiled wildlife have been recovered. The latest info can be found at https://owcn.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/pipeline-p00547-incident
  • 328 response personnel, with additional assets being deployed
  • The cause of the spill remains under investigation.

For updates on the fisheries closure, visit https://socalspillresponse.com/fisheries-closure/.

This article was released by Southern California Spill Response.