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Weather in northwest Orange County for Friday, October 15, 2021

Weather in northwest Orange County for Friday, October 15, 2021:


Sunny, with a high near 89. Northeast wind around 5 mph.


Mostly clear, with a low around 60. Northwest wind around 5 mph becoming east in the evening.

High temperatures are expected to remain well above average until the end of the week before quickly dropping again. Lows will remain in the 50s.

Courtesy of HistoryNet:

  • 1813 During the land defeat of the British on the Thames River in Canada, the Indian chief Tecumseh, now a brigadier general with the British Army (War of 1812), is killed.
  • 1863 For the second time, the Confederate submarine H L Hunley sinks during a practice dive in Charleston Harbor, this time drowning its inventor along with seven crew members.
  • 1878 Thomas A. Edison founds the Edison Electric Light Co.
  • 1892 An attempt to rob two banks in Coffeyville, Kan., ends in disaster for the Dalton gang as four of the five outlaws are killed and Emmet Dalton is seriously wounded.
  • 1914 Congress passes the Clayton Anti-Trust Act, which labor leader Samuel Gompers calls “labor’s charter of freedom.” The act exempts unions from anti-trust laws; strikes, picketing and boycotting become legal; corporate interlocking directorates become illegal, as does setting prices which would effect a monopoly.
  • 1950 President Harry Truman meets with General Douglas MacArthur at Wake Island to discuss U.N. progress in the Korean War.
  • 1966 Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale establish the Black Panther Party, an African-American revolutionary socialist political group, in the US.
  • 1969 Rallies for The Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam draw over 2 million demonstrators across the US, a quarter million of them in the nation’s capital.
  • 1989 Canadian hockey player Wayne Gretzky makes his 1,851st goal, breaking the all-time scoring record in the National Hockey League.
  • 2008 Dow Jones Industrial Average plummets 733.08 points, the second-largest percentage drop in the Dow’s history.