featured graphic for Southern California Spill Response Unified Command showing rehabilitated oil birds being released

Two birds released in Huntington Beach after rehabilitation from Orange County Oil Spill

Oiled Wildlife Care Network personnel released two previously oiled birds Wednesday at Seabridge Park beach in Huntington Beach.

A Ruddy Duck and an Eared Grebe were rescued from the Orange County Oil Spill October 4 and later cleaned and rehabilitated at the Los Angeles Oiled Bird Care and Education Center in San Pedro.

“The first planned release of oiled animals during an incident is a joyous occasion,” said Dr. Michael Ziccardi, director of the Oiled Wildlife Care Network. “Seeing these animals in an oiled condition like the Ruddy Duck, whose picture was shared earlier in the response, to being a clean duck released back into the wild today is a time for celebration.”

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network remains activated and is conducting surveillance for animals that may be impacted. Animals collected will be taken to the Los Angeles Oiled Bird Care and Education Center in San Pedro to receive further veterinary care and be washed by trained specialists.

If the public encounters oiled wildlife, they should avoid contact and call the Oiled Wildlife Care Network at 1-877-823-6926 to report it.

For the latest wildlife information visit https://owcn.vetmed.ucdavis.edu/pipeline-p00547-incident

This article was released by Unified Command.