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Letter to the Editor: Port backups cause of devastating oil spill

The environmental and community impact caused by last week’s oil spill was devastating. But this begs the question, what was a ship headed for the port of Los Angeles doing in Huntington Beach? The economic policies implemented by not only the Democratic leadership of Southern California but also the top officials of the California DNC have caused the port of Los Angeles to become backlogged with over 73 ships simultaneously waiting to dock last month. This backlog has given ships no choice but to anchor up and down the coast of California and wait for entry into the port. And unfortunately, one of these anchored ships caused this devastating oil spill.

Even though this oil spill only affected the area surrounding Orange County, these port backlogs are not an isolated issue. Strict Covid-19 restrictions implemented by California Democrats have caused the ports of California which are the lifeblood of California’s economy to suddenly cease operations.

Ryan Weiss
Dana Point, California
Intern for Michelle Steel for Congress


  1. Dear Mr. Intern. The last time I checked neither the Republican party of Calif. nor the Democratic party of Calif. operate the ports of LA or Long Beach. The executives that run these ports were so ignorant of the status of unloading ships that the President had to tell one or both ports to operate 24/7. This is not a political failure it is incompetence of management. My guess is that your boss, Rep Steel, is on the receiving end of contributions from both ports.

  2. Wouldnt the blame fall more on the Coast Guard? They said it was impossible for this to have been caused by a boat anchor because they are in charge of where the boats are anchored and would never anchor a ship close enough to the pipe line for it to be damaged. And now we find out that was the exact cause of this and you find a way to blame it on the DNC? If politicians spent more time actually doing something instead of trying to blame everything on their opponents, this country could actually make some progress.

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