featured graphic showing Cypress Mayor Jon Peat speaking at the October 2021 State of the City event on the Civic Center Green.

The City of Cypress sent out an informational email about events earlier in October, and events still to come in October.

One of the earlier events was the State of the City, this year held in the evening on the Civic Center Green and organized jointly by the City of Cypress and the Cypress Chamber of Commerce.

The City of Cypress has now released a video of Mayor Jon Peat’s speech at that event:

Representing the Cypress Chamber of Commerce

As Board Chair for the Cypress Chamber of Commerce, I offered a short speech just before Mayor Peat. Here is the text:

Cypress Chamber of Commerce Board Chair Shelley Henderson speaks at the 2021 State of the City on October 6.
Cypress Chamber of Commerce Board Chair Shelley Henderson speaks at the 2021 State of the City on October 6.
My name is Shelley Henderson. I am currently Chair of the Board of the Cypress Chamber of Commerce. This event is a celebration of the City of Cypress, but it is also a networking mixer.

So: I am also editor of Orange County Breeze, a local news organization. I invite you to visit our website at oc-breeze.com — make sure that you remember the hyphen. Otherwise you go to an air-conditioning company!

While at our website, read the latest articles, browse our AWESOME community calendar, and download the latest issue of our monthly Dining, Arts, and Entertainment guide.

Yes, we accept advertising.

But back to everyone’s business!

As a business owner or manager, day-to-day operations are somewhat like working to advance a football down the field towards the goal line. You get four downs to move the ball at least ten yards. Grind out those ten yards, and your reward is another four downs to move another ten yards. Make it to the end zone, you get a quick celebration, maybe a point-after — then you get back to work.

Make it through two quarters, and you get a half-time break to review your strategy and tactics in order to refine and adapt.

Make it through four quarters, and you expect everybody to agree to call it a day, meet at Dominic’s, eat lots of pasta, drink lots of wine, and argue over outcomes expected and unexpected.

Nobody playing football expects to be run over by a zamboni

So for the past 6 quarters we have been playing COVID-ball. Welcome to the seventh quarter. Watch out for that zamboni.

As a resident of Cypress and a business owner, I am deeply satisfied with the community built on the top of dairy farms and strawberry fields. (Sugar beets were further west, in Los Alamitos.) We all should be rightly proud of our community’s constituent parts: the residents, the business community, the non-profits, the public and private schools, Cypress College, and the City government.

Speaking to you as a member of the business community, if you are not yet a member of the Cypress Chamber of Commerce, please consider joining. For more information about Chamber membership, please see Lily Ramirez at the check-in table.

Our next event is the Chamber Business Expo at the Cypress Festival this coming Saturday afternoon and evening at Oak Knoll Park, just down the street on Orange Ave. For more information, visit the Festival website at Cypress Festival.com.

Then next week is a Chamber networking breakfast featuring State Assemblywoman Janet Nguyen on Tuesday, Oct. 12. at 7:30 a.m. at the Residence Inn by Marriott on Katella. Register through the Chamber’s website at CypressChamber.org.

If you are already a member of the Chamber, please consider becoming more active.

You get more out of the Chamber when you yourself put more in, and the Chamber has more to offer the more members put into it.

Speaking of more: watch for news soon about an exciting new partnership among the Cypress Chamber, Cypress College, and SBDC, the Office of Small Business Development Centers. SBDC is part of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

As Chair of the Board of the Chamber, I would like to thank those who collaborated with us to stage this event: the culinary arts department at Cypress High School and Country Garden Caterers, for food service; Dominic’s for wine service; Forest Lawn for the lovely flower arrangement plus ice and coolers to keep drinks cold; and the City of Cypress, its City Council, and its City Staff for all-around excellence.

In closing, I will insist that we are neither fortunate nor lucky to live and work and go to school in the City of Cypress. Those words imply happenstance or chance. Our community’s firm foundation has been built over decades by the deliberate choices and hard work of many, many people.

Building further from that foundation is our happy duty.

As you listen to Mayor Peat, please savor that we are blessed to live and work and go to school in the City of Cypress.