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RHA objects to proposed redistricting plan

The Rossmoor Homeowners Association Board has unanimously opposed the proposed redistricting plan that would separate Rossmoor from the rest of Orange County and include us with the districts that represent Long Beach.

The full text of the letter that was submitted to the Citizens Redistricting Commission is below:

October 20, 2021

California Citizens Redistricting Commission:

The Rossmoor Homeowners Association, which has represented the unincorporated community of Rossmoor since 1957, strenuously objects to any consideration, proposal or decision to place our neighborhood in a legislative district whose majority voting population resides in Los Angeles County.

Rossmoor has for decades been represented by districts that share with Orange County cities many civic, educational, law enforcement, emergency services and other government services. As a result, Rossmoor has always received close and prompt attention to our needs from various Assembly and Senate members through the years. We see no case that switching us to a different district, one principally located in Long Beach, would serve our needs.

One of the key attributes of Rossmoor is the fine unified school district that we share with Seal Beach and Los Alamitos. If Los Alamitos and Rossmoor are cleaved from Seal Beach, it would dilute our representation in the Legislature when it comes to school issues. In other areas, as well, Long Beach has little or no connection with the government organizations that provide critical services to Rossmoor. These include the Orange County Board of Supervisors, the Orange County Sheriff, the Orange County Fire Authority, Orange County LAFCO, the Rossmoor Community Services District and the Rossmoor/Los Alamitos Sewer District, to name a few.

Rossmoor has no discord with Long Beach. Many of our residents go to Long Beach to shop, dine, recreate, attend concerts, and enroll in colleges. Many of us have friends in Long Beach. But we have no desire to be represented by a State Assembly or Senate member from Long Beach.

We have never sought a redistricting and we have a hard time understanding why a state-appointed panel would explore such a potentially damaging change to our governance. Nobody has come to Rossmoor to take in our views or explain what is going on, which would seem like a good government practice in any case.

In the past several years, we have worked with our Assembly representative on a number of important local issues, including our concerns that the 405 Freeway expansion project failed to consider acoustic, and pollution impacts on Rossmoor’s southern border. We are also examining whether it would be beneficial to tap RCSD’s latent powers through state legislation to expand local control for certain services, a weighty matter that requires an Assembly representative with deep knowledge of the history and character of Rossmoor.

The RHA board of directors, a 13-person panel elected by the association membership, voted a resolution on October 20, 2021, in the form of this letter to assert our opposition to any change in our Legislative district. We invite your commission to take a trip down to Rossmoor and learn something about our unique community, which is fiercely independent, bi partisan, law abiding and highly educated. Just give us a call any time and we’d be happy to show you around.


Art Remet, President
Marian Last, 1st Vice President
Frank Facey, 2nd Vice President
Pei-Pei Kelman, Treasurer
Ralph Vartabedian, Secretary
And Gary Stewart, Jo Shade, Dorothy Fitzgerald, Emily Knell, Kevin Pearce, Tim Weidenkeller

For additional information on redistricting, please see the Commission’s website at We Draw The Lines.

If you’d like to watch or participate or understand how the process is unfolding during their live sessions, click here and then click the LIVE Meeting link.

This article was released by the Rossmoor Homeowners Association.


  1. Please keep us informed about the status of this possible change ~~ what do we do to stop this change from happening❓ Will there be a vote at some time ~ when ~ who votes❓ Who makes the final decision ~ when❓ Who do we contact in the government about this decision❓
    Thank you ~ David & Susan Slay
    Residents of Rossmoor

    1. David and Susan,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      You should go to WeDrawTheLines.org and leave a comment about not wanting Rossmoor grouped with Long Beach but rather with other Orange County communities.

      The members of the Citizens Redistricting Commission will vote on the new district boundaries. Members of the district have no say beyond submitting comments to the Commission at WeDrawThe Lines.org.

      The decision of the Commission is final, unless somebody wants to take them to court. The Commission is independent of the State Legislature and Governor.

      The Commission is working on a tight schedule. Comments will be accepted through the middle of November. A vote on the new district boundaries must be finished by the middle of December so that the new boundaries will be in effect for next year’s elections.

      You can contact your legislative representatives, but all they can realistically do is pass along your comments to the Commission.

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

  2. Why would anyone in Rossmoor want to aline our community with the liberal and oppressive views of LA county? Rossmoor would become a pawn of LB without a voice.

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