featured graphic for St. Isidore Historical Plaza showing the patio and pergola. Photo by C.E.H. Wiedel.

St. Isidore Historical Plaza raising funds for Pergola restoration

We are reopening and continuing the restoration of St. Isidore Historical Plaza. The Stained-Glass Window restoration in the Chapel in underway. We feel other areas are ready to be upgraded. The Pergola on the patio is our next project. It will be a costly endeavor, but it will enhance the patio area for our guests. The Pergola has been a long-standing place for fiesta guests, families and renters of the Plaza to gather and enjoy themselves.

We are launching a campaign to raise the $20,000 that will be needed to complete the refurbishing of the Patio Pergola. We extend our heartfelt thank you and greatly appreciate any financial help you can give.

Please go to our website www.stisidorehistoricalplaza.org if you would like to help.

This article was released by St. Isidore Historical Plaza.