featured graphic for The Youth Center after COVID-19

The Youth Center making donation requests

Every once and a while, The Youth Center runs across a specific need or two that they can use a hand with and hopefully, the Rossmoor Community can assist.

Youth Center Director Lina Lumme recently made the following requests:

1. Our refrigerator is dying slowly!!! And we would love to get a new “used” one. If anyone wants to donate their gently used refrigerator for kids, that would be very helpful in keeping snacks and drinks for kids.

2. IPhones (gently used and unlocked) We use them at our after school locations as we don’t have a landline and if our phones break purchasing a new one is super expensive. We would like to have one or two backups. Any model.

3. Holiday ornaments (wood, plastic, metal, etc. please no glass.). Gently used or new ornaments for kids projects. And handmade recycled projects we create to sell at our Christmas Tree Lot to raise money for Youth Center scholarships.

Your donation may be 2021 tax deductible (check with your tax advisor) and in any case you can receive a gift-receipt from The Youth Center. Just ask

If you are able to assist, please call The Youth Center (562.493.4043) to make arrangements.

Thanks for your support of this great community asset.

This article was released by the Rossmoor Homeowners Association.