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California Forest Improvement Program funding announced

CAL FIRE is allocating more than $18 million for the California Forest Improvement Program, which is designed to provide up to a 90% cost-share assistance to small private and public forestland owners to improve forest health and increase the resilience of California’s forestlands to adapt to climate change. Funding to support private forestland owners through this and other programs was provided through Senate Bill-170 Budget Act of 2021.

The funds will be released over the next 3 years beginning in 2021 for forest health projects. The funds will be dispersed in bi-monthly blocks of approximately $2 million until all monies have been applied for by project applicants. Cost-share assistance is available to private and public ownerships containing 20 to 5,000 acres of forest land, and cost-shared projects include thinning for forest health and fire resilience, tree planting, pruning, and other forest health improvement activities as described at the following web location:

For inquiries on the program and how to apply, please contact one of CAL FIRE’s Forestry Assistance
Specialists at the following web location:

This funding is designed to help meet California’s goals of improved forest health, resilience to climate
change, and reduced forestland impacts due to devastating wildfires.

The purpose of the California Forest Improvement Program (CFIP) is to encourage private and public investments in forestlands and resources within the state to ensure adequate future high quality timber supplies, related employment, and other economic benefits, and to protect, maintain, and enhance the forest resource for the benefit of present and future generations.

The California Forest Improvement Program has been in existence since the 1978 California Forest Improvement Act was passed and has encumbered over $75 million for landowner assistance since the beginning of the program.