La Palma police blotter, October 21 to October 27, 2021

The items shown below are selected from the logs of the La Palma Police Department. The police blotter is not a comprehensive listing of police-related incidents in the city, and no inference of guilt is implied in showing any item in the La Palma police blotter.

October 21, 2021

Municipal Code Violation – 6:22 a.m. – 5400 block of La Palma Ave. – A delivery truck to the rear of Walmart was reportedly waking the reporting party up in violation of municipal code noise ordinances. The vehicle was gone on the arrival of police.
Municipal Code Violation – 12:24 p.m. – South/Moody – A female subject was reportedly setting up a stand to sell political signs. Police contacted the subject regarding a business license. Per a City Code Enforcement officer, the business license was pending payment and should post in the next two to four hours. The business checked okay at this time and would follow up.

October 22, 2021

Transient – 7:50 a.m. – 5400 block of Orangethorpe Ave. – A transient was reportedly yelling and bothering customers and acting erratically in the parking lot. A second caller advised that a subject was on the center median and flinging her arms. Police located the subject and observed jaywalking and littering. Police contacted the subject, who was arrested for public nuisance, littering, and a bench warrant for failure to appear on a felony charge.
Disturbance (Music) – 9:28 p.m. – 5600 block of Orangethorpe Ave. – The caller reported loud music playing since 5 p.m. and had notified property management. When police arrived, there was no noise or music heard.

October 23, 2021

Vandalism – 11:08 p.m. – 5400 block of Orangethorpe Ave. – The caller advised that a male subject destroyed items in the store. Police were unable to locate the subject.
Theft by False Pretense – 9:26 a.m. – 5200 block of Del Este Cir. – The reporting party invested $200,000 into a crypto currency account as advised by a subject his sister met on a dating app. The victim was now unable to get his money out of the account.

October 24, 2021

Suspicious Subject – 11:35 a.m. – Del Amo/Coyote Creek (Cerritos) – A subject was reportedly pacing in the area and the reporting party believed that the subject was dealing or buying drugs. Police contacted a subject, who was subsequently arrested for failure to register as a felony sex offender. The subject was transported and booked at Orange County Jail.
Disturbance (Subject) – 11:47 p.m. – Centerpointe Dr. – Subjects were reportedly heard creating a disturbance to the rear of the hotel. The front desk advised that a guest reported that a male subject possibly hit a female subject. The male possibly left in a red Corvette and the female was in the lobby. The female advised that the male did not hit her and was attempting to get the keys. Police determined that the subjects were from Florida nad they had an argument over anxiety and the vehicle.

October 25, 2021

Counseling – 8:27 a.m. – 8200 block of Walker St. – A student and mother advised the assistant principal of a possible sexual assault that occurred over two years before. The subjects went home for the day. Police attempted to contact the subjects several times for further information with no answer. Voicemails were left.
Transient – 9:01 a.m. – 5400 block of Orangethorpe Ave. – A subject was reportedly setting up blankets in front of the business entrance. The business was attempting to open for the day. Police contacted the subject. Party advised and will comply and left the area.
Counseling – 10:00 a.m. – 7200 block of Rampart Ln. – The caller believed that his neighbor was spying on him and was upset that he wouldn’t trim his trees. The subject was advised that this was a civil matter.

October 26, 2021

Disturbance (Subject) – 6:37 a.m. – 7900 block of Walker St. – Police were asked to met with a security guard regarding a female subject who was refusing to leave and was creating a verbal disturbance. Police made contacted and was advised to leave multiple times by officers and security. After attempting for 22 minutes to peacefully get the subject to leave, police arrested the 29-year-old female for trespassing. The subject was transported to Orange County Jail.
Suspicious Subject – 11:22 p.m. – Centerpointe Dr. – A subject was reportedly loitering on the third floor for the last ten minutes. The reporting party believed that he was a lookout for someone. Police contacted the subject, who had been contacted multiple times by the police. The subject was advised for trespassing.

October 27, 2021

Municipal Code Violation – 6:30 a.m. – 5400 block of La Palma Ave. – A truck to the rear of Walmart was reportedly in violation of the noise municipal code. While police contacted the driver, the reporting party on the other side of the fence was yelling at the driver and causing a disturbance. The driver was issued a citation and left the alley. The reporting party was contacted.
Drunk Driver – 3:22 p.m. – Moody/La Palma – A possible DUI driver was headed northbound on Moody towards Cerritos. Police conducted and area check but were unable to locate the driver.