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City of Cypress soliciting proposals for Police Department Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan Development

The City of Cypress is soliciting proposals from qualified and experienced contractors to prepare a three-year Police Department Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan. This RFP is intended to provide contractors with sufficient information in order to prepare and submit a proposal detailing the strategic planning services they provide.

The Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency comprised of uniformed patrol, traffic, jail operations, detectives, administrative services, personnel and training, records, property and evidence, crime prevention, community relations, and emergency services. The Police Department includes 57 sworn positions and 25 full-time equivalent civilian positions.

It is expected that the selected contractor will prepare a three-year Police Department Strategic Plan that contains specific immediate and future goals, strategies and an implementation plan outlining timing, anticipated costs and funding sources for each implementation action. Proposers responding to this Request for Proposals (RFP) must have proven expertise and extensive experience in the assessment of Police Departments and a successful record of accomplishment in creating and implementing Police Department Strategic Plans for municipalities or similar public agencies.

The primary contact person for this RFP is Jason Machado, Senior Management Analyst, (714) 229-6728, [email protected]

Submittal deadline for questions November 15, 2021, 5:00 pm (PST).
Submittals due November 30, 2021, 5:00 pm (PST).

RFP Police Department Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan Development
City of Cypress Agreement for Contract Services

This article was released by the City of Cypress.


  1. I read about the following subject in another local online publication, but since this article is about the city of Cypress, this is close enough. The residents of one of Cypress’ newest neighborhoods, called Ovation, apparently can only access the outside world from Katella Ave. However, there is no traffic signal at their access road (an extension of Enterprise Dr) and turning left on to Katella Ave is a big challenge, except maybe at 3:00 AM. The placement of a traffic signal at this intersection is the responsibility of the city of Los Alamitos and that city does not want to install a traffic signal at that intersection. The article was about how OC Supervisor Foley became involved to move this issue along although she and the county do not have much authority in this area. So what is the issue with the two mayors, Cypress and Los Alamitos, and their city governments, cannot work this out? I think every person in the Ovation neighborhood that can vote, must register to vote. The next time a resident of that neighborhood appears in front of the Cypress city council to remind them to get with it, this person can remind the city council how many new voters are in this neighborhood and if necessary vote as one block to remove a city council member at the next election. We have been fortunate in West OC that Supervisor Foley has been involved in local issues, like street sweeping in Rossmoor. However with new OC Supervisor district maps being revised, our area will most likely be in another Supervisor’s district. So these two fighting children that are supposed to be governing Cypress and Los Alamitos, better get along. Considering the other development going on inside the racetrack property, I don’t trust the Cypress City council if they screwed up this neighborhood. They will do something similar with the development behind Costco and that mess called Lexington Park, the only park without trees and presently an eyesore on Cerritos Ave.

    1. Gary,

      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      Well, for commenting on the non-existing signal at the East side of the Cottonwood Church campus.

      This problem dates to the time that the segment of the north side of Katella Avenue was originally planned for development. If I have this correctly — and someone with more knowledge of the goings on at that time feel free to correct me — Cottonwood Church purchased land at the northwest corner of Katella Avenue and Walker Street. The City of Cypress preferred that that corner be developed as a commercial center. A land swap was arranged. So now Cottonwood is on the northeast corner of Katella Avenue and Lexington Drive, and the Costco shopping center is on the northwest corner of Katella Avenue and Walker Street.

      Part of the agreement hammered out included where to place signals along Katella Avenue. (Los Alamitos has jurisdiction over Katella up to maybe a portion of the curbside lane, from about Walker Street through Lexington Avenue. West of Lexington, Los Alamitos expands north of Katella.)

      Residents of Los Alamitos south of Katella Avenue were rock solid against allowing people to turn left off of Katella into their housing area. If you drive east along Katella Avenue and note the left turn pockets, then reverse course and drive west along Katella and note the left turn pockets you will immediately see a huge difference. That is deliberate on the part of the City of Los Alamitos at the vigorous request of its residents south of Katella.

      Negotiations settled on signal placement at Lexington Drive (which at that time did not go through to Cerritos Avenue in Cypress), at Cottonwood Way (which is in the Cottonwood Church campus), and at Winners Circle (at the west end of the Costco shopping center). Los Alamitos residents did not and still do not want a signal at Enterprise.

      Over the years, the City of Cypress has repeatedly approached the City of Los Alamitos to ask for modifications. Los Alamitos has always said no, because that’s what the residents south of Katella wanted and still want.

      Both cities were being responsive to their residents, but the desires of the two sets of residents were in direct opposition.

      Most of the time residents of the new Ovation development can cut through the Cottonwood Church campus to reach Lexington Drive in order to use its signal to turn left onto Katella. However, when Cottonwood Church blocks off access, Ovation residents only recourse is to turn right on Katella Avenue, then make a U-turn at Lexington Drive. No turn is allowed at Cottonwood Way to reverse direction. (Driving west on Katella Avenue, there is no left turn onto Enterprise Drive to reach Ovation.)

      Please note that both lanes southbound on Enterprise Drive are marked RIGHT TURN ONLY, so making any left turn onto eastbound Katella — even at 3 a.m. — is illegal.

      Regarding voting as a bloc to remove Cypress Council members: that may become more problematic in the future as the City of Cypress has been served notice of voter discrimination that will likely force the City into voting by district rather than at large, as is currently the case. The threat of a voters’ revolt is, in any case, unfair to the Cypress City Council, which is unhappy with the lack of a signal at Enterprise but cannot do anything if the City of Los Alamitos will not negotiate.

      The new residential development northwest of Costco will have entry and exit on its north side to Vessels, which leads to Walker Street. The new commercial development along Katella Avenue west of the Costco Center will have entry and exit off of Winners Circle, which does have its own signal.

      Regarding Lexington Park, I am mystified about your antagonism towards that development. The newest park in Cypress is still under construction. A lot of time had to be spent re-grading the property and removing trash. The trees formerly planted on what had been Cypress Golf Course had to be removed as well — they were old, they were diseased, and many were planted atop artificial golf course hillocks. Landscaping of the new park will be one of the last things to be completed, and will include trees:

      The design of Lexington Park on the southeast corner of Cerritos Avenue and Lexington Drive in the City of Cypress. Graphic courtesy of the City of Cypress.

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

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