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Former Los Alamitos HS principal releases book “Be Well and Stay Positive”

Dr. Gregg Stone retired as the principal of Los Alamitos High School in June 2019 after spending 21 years as an administrator there. In August 2020, he was asked to return as the interim principal in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. He felt there were two ways to approach the unknown year ahead. One path would be to let the circumstances dictate the outlook. A second option was to take the high road and make the best of a situation the staff and community members had never experienced before. Dr. Stone continually promoted the positive route.

He decided to send a message to families and staff prior to students returning to campus for in-person hybrid learning. A second message was sent at the end of the first week of face-to-face instruction. Each message was meant to be a positive statement of encouragement for the school community. These two weekly messages quickly became the expectation for the school year. Thus, “Thought-for-the-Week” was born. His book, entitled “Be Well and Stay Positive,” contains forty-three wise and thought-provoking reflections on how one may approach life situations. Dr. Stone includes many of his personal experiences, as well as personal photographs, in conveying the lessons of each passage. Many famous quotes are also included to further drive home big-picture perspectives in these uncertain times. Each email ended with Stone’s wish that Griffin families would be well and stay positive, which led to the book’s title.

Dr. Stone is donating all net proceeds to LAEF (Los Alamitos Education Foundation) for the purpose of providing a scholarship for a Los Al High School graduating senior who shows determination or has a positive approach to whatever life throws their way. The self-published book is available on Amazon.

Gregg Stone is the reigning LAEF King and was crowned in February 2021. This school year, Dr. Stone is volunteering his time at LAHS as a counselor supporting students who need additional academic or personal support. He is a humble and gracious leader who cares deeply about the Los Al community.

LAEF is the non-profit partner of Los Alamitos Unified School District. LAEF enhances educational excellence by providing after-school and summer enrichment programs to children in grades Pre-K to 12. LAEF impacts all students by providing significant funding for mental health and STEAM teachers/instruction, as well as igniting new programs and providing valuable resources. For more information, visit www.LAEF4Kids.org or call (562) 799-4700 Extension 80424 today.

Cover of the book written by Greg Stone, former principal of Los Alamitos High School. Courtesy photo.
Cover of the book written by Greg Stone, former principal of Los Alamitos High School. Courtesy photo.
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