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Oil spill update from Assemblywoman Janet Nguyen

Unified Command’s Updates on the Oil Spill and Clean Up Efforts:

  • On November 2nd, a team of field observers oversaw cleanup operations at Huntington Beach to remove buried oil.
  • In consultation with the Environmental Unit, buried oil at Huntington Beach was both manually removed and mechanically relocated. Heavy equipment was used to move over clean sand in order to get to the buried oil. Then hand crews were utilized to collect larger tar balls.
  • The buried oil at Huntington Beach was also mechanically relocated into the mid-intertidal to promote natural attenuation.
  • As of November 2nd, segments of Huntington Beach are in active operations for cleanup. Bolsa Chica State Beach and Sunset Beach are both in the sign-off process under Unified Command, which will then implement the start of the post-signoff response phase.
  • Cleanup Crews continue to collect tar balls as they are reported. Teams are operating primarily in San Diego County, but can mobilize to Orange County as needed.
  • Total Oily Sand/Debris collected on shoreline as of 11/3: 541,957 lbs.
  • Following two consecutive days of no visibly oiled animals reported or collected, wildlife field operations have demobilized. Ongoing care of remaining wildlife has continued at the San Pedro facility.
  • Unified Command is now undergoing the process of selecting incident-specific (and habitat-specific) cleanup endpoints. These endpoints are determined and selected based on general cleanup objectives.

Support for Businesses Affected by the Oil Spill: Funding and financial help is now available for businesses affected by the oil spill. Find more information HERE.

Fisheries Still Closed

  • Offshore sampling is complete, and all samples have been sent in for analysis.
  • Based on the analysis timeline, the earliest possible re-opening would be the end of November.
  • According to Unified Command, if samples come back with levels above the threshold for safety, then there will be more sampling done before recommending to reopen.

Tar Balls on the beach: Avoid areas where an oil smell is present. Do not handle or ingest any oil materials. Any sightings of oil or tar balls should be reported to [email protected]

For any individuals or businesses: Those who may have been affected by the incident, or for vessel decontamination, you may call the claims number that has been set up, and reference Pipeline (POO547) at 866-985-8366. If you would like to know more information on oil spills specifically, please visit the Office of Response and Restoration website at https://response.restoration.noaa.gov/oil-and-chemical-spills/oil-spills

I will continue my efforts to keep you updated on the impacts of the oil spill and possible solutions that are being discussed. It is an honor serving you in the California State Legislature.

This article was released by the Office of Assemblywoman Janet Nguyen.