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Congressman Lowenthal applauds passage of historic $1.7T Build Back Better Act

Congressman Alan Lowenthal (CA-47) issued the following statement on the passage today by the House of Representatives of the Build Back Better (BBB) Act:

“I was proud to vote to pass the Build Back Better Act today. Not since the bold legislative actions of the New Deal and Great Society have we seen a legislative package that will uplift the quality of life for so many Americans, from workers to families to children to business owners. The BBB Act will invest $1.75 trillion in the American people, our nation’s greatest resource, by making essential investments in family care, education, health care, and combatting the climate crisis. It will reform and reimagine sectors of our economy so that everyone – not just those at the top – benefit from a growing economy.

“Despite this historic depth of investment, the BBB Act will implement key reforms to make our tax system more equitable and pay for the BBB Act investments by ensuring the wealthiest Americans and most profitable corporations pay their fair share of taxes while also ensuring that the middle class will not be impacted by an increase in taxes or inflation.

“The BBB Act’s individual investments are immensely popular with the American people and reflect our values of making our nation stronger through working together, strengthening our families, and making our nation more competitive.

“The family is at the center of American life, just as it is a major focus of the BBB Act. Parents should never have to make a choice between working and paying for childcare. Affordable and easily accessible quality childcare, in the most prosperous nation in the world, should be a given. The BBB Act will make affordable and accessible childcare available to tens of millions of American families and move us that much closer to universal childcare.

“The BBB Act’s life-changing investments in our families will extend the Child Tax Credit and deliver two years of free universal pre-school.

“This legislation also reinforces the idea that affordable healthcare should be a right, available to all Americans. The BBB Act invests billions of dollars to strengthen the Affordable Care Act and help expand coverage to more Americans—again, moving us that much closer to universal affordable healthcare. It will include the most important drug pricing reforms in recent years, capping prices for seniors for many critical drugs.

“Our nation has long made important investments in protecting our environment and making sure our water, air, and land remain clean and unpolluted. Addressing climate change is a critical part of that fight, and the BBB Act invests hundreds of billions to move us toward a carbon-free future that is sustainable today and into the future. This includes transitioning power generation toward renewable sources, moving the transportation sector toward a low-carbon and low-emission future, while strengthening our current environmental protections.

“These provisions will be critical in our own community, helping to electrify the Port of Long Beach, create jobs and protect the environment. Further, by increasing federal royalty rates and bonding requirements, expanding offshore wind leasing, and protecting areas like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the California coast from future oil and gas leasing, our federal public lands and waters can be an integral part of the fight against the climate crisis instead of a contributor toward it.

“The American people have long been demanding many of these investments and they are long overdue. Now is the time. I encourage each Member of the Senate to quickly pass this bill so that the president can sign it into law and we can begin making these critical investments in our nation and the American people.”

You can read more details about the BBB Act investments by clicking here.

This article was released by the Office of Congressman Alan Lowenthal.

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  1. Of course Rep Lowenthal is pleased the infrastructure bill was passed. He leans toward Marxism and the bill only dedicates 10% to infrastructure, so it could focus 90% on Marxist programs.

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