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Regional Military Affairs Committee meeting takes place Tuesday, November 23

Our next meeting of the Regional Military Affairs Committee will be this Tuesday, Nov. 23, at 3:30 p.m. in the
Military Veterans Resource Center, Building 244, just east of the main gate. You will need a photo ID
and face mask to enter at the Lexington Gate.

As a reminder, you can arrive early and visit the Pub (directions available at the gate) and enjoy lunch prior to our meeting or you can catch dinner before heading home following the meeting. Great menu available, reasonable prices.
AND, if you mention you’re there for the RMAC meeting, they’ll give you a 20% discount.

Our program this month is a brief about the 28th Class of the Sunburst Youth Academy, at JFTB, and how the program
is completing 14 years at the base. Lt.Col. Gilbert E. Sanchez, academy director, will bring a couple of the class leaders with him to introduce. Due to educational COVID protocols, while the cadets are present, we will need to be masked.

Our meeting is open to the public, so bring your colleagues along!

This article was released by the Regional Military Affairs Committee.