featured graphic for Precious Life Shelter Giving Tuesday

Precious Life Shelter needs your help on Giving Tuesday

November 30th will be Giving Tuesday!

We need your help to raise funds to help purchase a new freezer and refrigerator for our shelter.

We need to purchase a commercial freezer to store food for our residents. The one that we currently have was purchased in 1997 and we can no longer get parts to repair it.

Our Transitional House is in need of a new refrigerator/freezer. The one currently in there is on its last leg and was donated in 2001.

In total, we need to raise $15,000-$20,00 to be able to purchase these appliances and have them installed.

We would appreciate your generosity in helping us raise the funds needed to provide safe storage for the food of the women and babies in residency here at Precious Life Shelter.

Please consider giving on Tuesday, November 30th to help buy these two new much needed appliances.

This article was released by Precious Life Shelter.