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LAO releases Assessing California’s Climate Policy—Agriculture

The Legislative Analyst’s Office has just published the following report:

Assessing California’s Climate Policy—Agriculture

Chapter 135 of 2017 (AB 398, E. Garcia) requires our office to report annually on the economic impacts and benefits of the state’s greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets. In this report, we assess the effects of the major programs within the agricultural sector that are aimed at reducing emissions and sequestering carbon. We find that each of the four programs assessed in this report have significant potential to provide GHG benefits as intended. However, benefits likely are overstated for various reasons, such as shortcomings in the methodologies used to calculate GHG benefits and uncertainty in project implementation.

To the extent the Legislature continues to fund these programs, we recommend that state departments be directed to conduct additional evaluation and research to better assess the GHG benefits. Improved information could then be used to help the Legislature target limited state funding to cost-effectively achieve its policy goals—that is, to maximize GHG and methane reductions at the lowest cost possible.

This report is available using the following link: https://lao.ca.gov/Publications/Report/4483?utm_source=laowww&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=4483

This article was released by the Legislative Analyst’s Office.