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Primary challengers pop up for Young Kim in new California Congressional District 40

Young Kim currently represents California’s Congressional District 39:

A day or so after the California Citien’s Redistricting Commission released its final maps based on the 2020 Census, Rep. Kim declared for the new 40th District, which is east and south of her current District. (See map at bottom.)

After we published her announcement, two challengers left comments, news releases really, that they too would be running in the new California Congressional District 40. Those challengers were identified in the comments as Fuji Shioura and Greg Raths.

We deleted the comments because that is an inappropriate use of our comment feature for articles. If those candidates wish us to publish their news releases, they may submit thim via email to [email protected]

Fuji Shioura has a current website — fujiforcongress.com.

Greg Raths, who ran for Congress in 2020, appears not to have a current website. When we attempted to visit gregraths.com, the page failed to load.

Remember, though, that California has so-called “open” primaries. A registered voter can vote for any candidate, not just for a candidate of the party for which the voter is registered. That means having many Republican candidates and merely two Democratic candidates could result in no Republican candidates in the general election.

Final map of new Orange County Congressional Districts, released by the Citizen's Redistricting Commission on December 20, 2021.
Final map of new Orange County Congressional Districts, released by the Citizen’s Redistricting Commission on December 20, 2021.

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  1. The problem is that Young Kim is NOT a MAGA Republican. Many MAGAs want her primaried out.

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