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State Bar of California disbars Stanton attorney

The State Bar of California announced today that, effective December 22, 2021, Charles Edward Mullis (bar #130376) of the City of Stanton in Orange County is disbarred for failure to comply with probation conditions and to file a declaration in compliance with California Rules of Court, rule 9.20.

Mr. Mullis’ discipline history is set out on his updated profile page on the State Bar’s website. Mr. Mullis was issued a private reproval effective August 1, 2017, for failing to promptly release a client’s papers and property on request, in willful violation of former Rule of Professional Conduct 3-700(D)(1). Mr. Mullis failed to comply with the conditions of his reproval and, as a result, effective June 26, 2020, the Supreme Court placed him on probation for one year, with conditions including a 90-day suspension and the filing of a declaration of compliance pursuant to California Rule of Court 9.20. Mr. Mullis’s disbarment is based on his failure to comply with these conditions.

Attorney discipline matters are investigated and prosecuted by the State Bar’s Office of Chief Trial Counsel (OCTC), acting on behalf of the public. The State Bar Court oversees disciplinary proceedings and hears charges filed by OCTC. The State Bar Court rules on whether an attorney has committed professional misconduct and may recommend that an attorney be suspended or disbarred. The State Bar Court’s recommendation is sent to the California Supreme Court, which determines whether to impose the recommended discipline. See rule 9.18, California Rules of Court.

Summaries of discipline imposed on Orange County attorneys, including disbarments, suspensions, probation orders, and public reprovals are available on the State Bar’s website. A list of cease-and-desist notices issued to nonattorneys in Orange County based on allegations that they have engaged in the unauthorized practice of law is also available.

State Bar Court records related to attorney discipline history can be found via the court’s Case Search feature.

This article was released by the State Bar of California.