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Larry Elder announces he will not run for CA Governor in 2022, launches ‘Elder for America’ PAC to help Republicans take back the House and Senate

Larry Elder announced he will not run for California Governor against Gavin Newsom in 2022. Instead, Elder has formed the Elder for America PAC, which will focus on helping Republicans take back the House and Senate, in addition to local races that effect public safety and education.

The announcement comes on the heels of Elder’s unprecedented California gubernatorial campaign, in which Elder received 3.5 million votes, 30% more than the next closest recall challenger, and raised approximately $22.5 million dollars after only campaigning for 8 weeks.

The Elder for America PAC will engage in public education campaigns, direct voter contact, and fundraising to help Republicans win key seats in the House and Senate, and effect public policy on the local level.

“I ran for Governor because I wanted to make a difference,” Elder said. “While I may not know what the future holds for me politically, our campaign’s ability to attract millions of votes and millions of dollars in a very short time demonstrates we have a message that resonates with Americans, and I believe we can put that to good use.”

“Today, we don’t just have a state to save, we have a country save. The radical left’s woke agenda is destroying America. Our major cities look like warzones thanks to ‘progressive’ district attorneys and other pro-criminal policies. The distinction in quality of life between areas controlled by leftists and those that are not highlights the failure of the woke movement.”

“Our children are being sent to school, not to learn, but to be indoctrinated. Without a safe environment or proper education, low-income and minority students are never even given the chance to succeed. We must do better for our future generations.”

“At the federal level, Democrat leadership is hell bent on ruining the economy, either through massive inflation or draconian mandates for workers and employers. Rather than steadfastly protecting our constitutional rights, they are actively seeking to chip away at them until they no longer exist.”

“I for one have had enough, which is why I am determined to fight for important issues in places where we can make a real difference in the outcome. The elite class has plenty of special interest groups and lobbyists to represent them. It’s high time the American people have their own representation,” Elder concluded.

This article was released by the Elder for America.


  1. Hello Dana. You’re a worthless piece of I can’t believe you are against Larry Elder who is a great man doing everything possible to straighten out this sick Democrat state of California! You MUST BE a Lying Democrat and hope you live in California and have to walk in the piles of sh!t and hypodermic needles on sidewalks that Gavin Newsom does NOTHING to change!

    Editor’s note: this comment has been edited to lightly disguise foul language. We would also request that name-calling (“lying Democrat”) be avoided, although we allowed name-calling on this particular article because the DCCC’s language is so extreme.

    1. Hello Cheryl. Yes please encourage Larry Elder to run again in California. He will be an easy target to beat. I voted to recall Newsom but I sure would not replace him with Larry Elder, although I thought CA did deserve a guy like Elder for a year to see how bad Elder could screw things up. If I was a Democrat and used language like you did the Editor or Publisher would delete my entire comment instead of cleaning it up and posting like she did with yours.

    2. “we allowed name-calling on this particular article because the DCCC’s language is so extreme”. Where exactly in THIS article was there a statement from the DCCC? If I see a RCCC statement with “extreme language” in an article that appears on this website, can I curse and insult one of the other commenters? Don’t lecture about your principles, they are made of molten rubber.

      1. Kelly,

        Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

        After approving your comment, I reviewed the article that it was attached to and realized that I had mixed up that article with the news release from the DCCC about Rep. Mike Garcia and January 6. So I was in error in allowing the name-calling on the article about Larry Elder.

        Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

        Shelley Henderson
        editor, Orange County Breeze

  2. This PAC is another Republican grift to get $x amount of money from suckers, then actually spend 1/3 * $x and pocket the remaining 2/3rds. The Stop The Steel grift has ended so time to create something new for 2022. What’s the matter Larry, not getting paid enough on syndicated radio? Florida awaits you Larry, your con did not work in California

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