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SaveOurBeach seeks help cleaning sand bar between Seal Beach and Long Beach

Due to the recent storms a great deal of trash has flowed down the San Gabriel River and has nestled into the sand bar and jetty rocks between the Seal Beach and Long Beach jetty.

Many people have been out picking up trash on their own and if you would like to help, please come on down. SaveOurBeach will be putting out disposable trash bags near the City of Seal Beach city yard building for you to use. The city yard is located in the 1st St. parking lot where we hold our regular cleanups. There are dumpsters located in the parking lot and in the city yard which is generally open during the day.

There is NO registration required for this – we are just making a request for additional help – this is NOT AN ORGANIZED event, we are just providing information for our past participants that like to be additionally involved.

This article was released by the SaveOurBeach.