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Young Democrats of America send letter to Senator Manchin on BBB

On the morning of January 7, 2022, the Young Democrats of America sent a letter signed by 69 chartered unit presidents and members of the national committee from 35 different states and territories to the office of Senator Joe Manchin urging him to reconsider his position on the Build Back Better agenda.

In the letter, the Young Democrats called on Manchin’s better judgement highlighting the benefits of the bill for America’s working families, from child care to health care to battling the climate crisis. The group drew on their shared Democratic values with the Senator by stating:

“The Democratic Party has been and should be the party of the working class. We need to represent the issues and viewpoints of the vast majority of Americans. We are the party of empathy and compassion to all those who need it, as has been shown time and time again. The BBB Act is the culmination of what we stand for and we are asking that you revisit your position.”

Between the millions of dollars that it would save for life-sustaining medications like insulin and the amount of opportunities it would give our working families with the Child Tax Credit, the Young Democrats of America know that this would greatly benefit our American working families. For that reason, they hope that Senator Manchin hears their concerns and considers their request.

YDA knows that Senator Joe Manchin is a man of honor and because of that, they know that he knows the value of a person’s word when they declare their intention to support an issue or legislation, especially when that oath was given to the President of the United States. This vital legislation will not only aid young professionals in West Virginia, but young professionals in every state and territory in our great nation.

Before the Senate reconvenes on Monday January 10th, YDA and the signers of the letter will be raising awareness of this issue by conducting a social media campaign for #LetJoeKnow.

The letter can be read at https://bit.ly/YDAManchinLetter.

This article was released by the Young Democrats of America.


  1. If more Democrats had been like Manchin I may have never left the Democrat Party. But they are totally about power over freedom and I have no trust in them now to ever be the party of the working class. It’s all about them and ruling this country and not about the people living in it.

    1. Spend a year living in West Virginia and then decide how much you like Joe Manchin. If there were more Democrats like Joe Manchin, a true-blue DINO, the party would lose 30+ million registered voters to the decline to state category. I never believe a statement like yours that claims any support for a Democrat. There are legions of Republican trolls online that professed support for Manchin and his DINO partner in crime Sen. Sinema and those were pure BS statements made to fill-up the comments section.

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