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Controller Candidate Lanhee Chen on Governor Newsom’s 2022-23 Budget Proposal

California Controller candidate Lanhee Chen (@lanheechen) responded today to Governor Gavin Newsom’s proposed budget and plans for 2022-23 fiscal year:

“A budget is a statement of policy priorities, and — as usual — there is little devoted to protecting California taxpayers from fraud, providing transparency into how and where our resources are being spent, and accounting for the effectiveness of the dollars we are spending. Over the last year, we’ve seen a deluge of incompetence from state officials, from the $20 billion unemployment insurance fraud fiasco to a billion-dollar state accounting system that is over-budget and still not complete. It’s time for a check on the one-party monopoly in our state. As Controller, I will finally hold the Sacramento politicians accountable for the promises they make to Californians and ensure that taxpayers know exactly how our money is being spent,” said Chen.

To learn more about Lanhee Chen and his campaign, visit his website: ChenForCalifornia.com

This article was released by the Lanhee Chen for Controller.

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  1. I was impressed by your interview on Fox and Friends. I am a retired Ca. State Peace Officer and own a 72 acre ranch in Catheys Valley and am really DISGUSTED with Gov. Newsome and his inviting the Worlds Homeless Here even though are state businesses are reeling from the crime, loitering and sanitation issues that these vagrants cause. Now we have the Socialist Communist Agenda of raising our income taxes which are already too high for the many of us that worked for decades to retire with medical benefits and a decent retirement income. Newsome is nuts so is Sanders, Warren, Pelosi and AOC who all want to give HUGE financial hand outs from our hard earned taxes to illegals and those who would rather collect unemployment fraudulently and otherwise. It is an embarrassment to be a Californian these days. Newsome cares nothing about protecting our environment even allowing single family home lots to be divided into multiple dwelling units and gutting citizen input and environmental overview. He needs to be recalled and seek mental health services as I really think he has gone totally bonkers.

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