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Larry Elder endorses Lisa Bartlett for Congress in 49th District

Former California gubernatorial candidate and nationally syndicated conservative radio host Larry Elder announced his endorsement of Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett for Congress in California’s 49th district.

“California’s 49th district may very well dictate the balance of power in Congress – it is an incredibly important and very winnable seat for Republicans,” said Elder. “That is why I am proudly endorsing Lisa Bartlett for Congress.”

“Lisa is a commonsense conservative with a proven track record of getting things done for her constituents,” Elder continued. “When Gavin Newsom tried to lock down the economy, Lisa stood up for the families and small businesses in her district. Out of all the Republican candidates in the field, Lisa by far and away gives us the best shot to defeat Mike Levin and win back the seat.”

“I am extremely grateful for Larry’s endorsement and vote of confidence,” said Bartlett. “In the face of rising crime and inflation, Mike Levin is embracing trillions in government spending and the same soft on crime policies that are destroying places like San Francisco and Los Angeles.”

“Under Levin’s dismal leadership, the country is headed in the wrong direction, whether you are talking about the economy, public safety, education, protecting constitutional rights, or the response to COVID-19,” Bartlett continued. “It’s time for a change.”

This article was released by Lisa Bartlett for Congress.