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Steel releases statement on Army Corps of Engineers $14 billion work plan

Rep. Michelle Steel (CA-48) released the following statement after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps) released their $14 billion work plan for the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act:

“This funding for the dredging Newport Beach Harbor is long overdue and will improve the safety of our community while protecting our homes and businesses. There is more work to do, and I will continue to demand action from the Administration and the Army Corps to fully fund the Surfside-Sunset Replenishment Project because we are one natural disaster away from devastation,” said Rep. Steel.

“The $8.3 million funding allocation for Newport Harbor dredging in the infrastructure bill is excellent news for the City of Newport Beach, our residents, visitors, and recreational and commercial boaters,” said Newport Beach Mayor Kevin Muldoon. “We are looking forward to dredging the Lower Harbor in the coming months to maintain safe navigation and improve the harbor environment. We are grateful for the efforts of Congresswoman Steel and our federal partners for securing these much-needed funds.”

Rep. Steel advocated for multiple projects in the 48th congressional district: the Surfside-Sunset Sand Replenishment Project, the Westminster-East Garden Grove Flood Risk Management Project and the Newport Harbor Dredging and Sediment Removal. The Army Corps included $8,298,000 for the Newport Dredging Project, which will be critical to maintaining the harbor’s safety for years to come.

However, the Corps did not fund the Surfside-Sunset Sand Replenishment Project, which is necessary to stop man-made beach erosion and coastal flooding, or the Westminster-East Garden Grove Flood Risk Management Project, which is necessary to protect U.S Military operations as well as critical infrastructure, including I-405, and provide 100-year flood protection to local residents.

Rep. Steel has advocated for the Surfside-Sunset Replenishment Project for years and has championed efforts in Congress to bring this necessary funding to the region. You can learn more about these continued efforts here.

This article was released by the Office of Congresswoman Michelle Steel.


  1. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! The work to establish dredging funds was done by previous Congressional office of Harley Rouda and when it was time to vote to secure the funds for Newport Beach, CONGRESSWOMAN MICHELLE STEEL VOTE NO!!!!!!! This statement should not be published without that very important disclaimer. How dare Mayor Kevin Muldoon join in on this dishonesty.

  2. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act aka HR-3684. After reading the release by Rep Steel tooting her horn about advocating for funds in her district, curiosity led me to the roll call vote for HR-3684. Rep. Steel – NAY vote. As usual all talk and no action. There are always items in legislation that someone may not like, but that is part of compromise. The voters in your new district will be reminded later this year how little you contributed along with NAY votes on holding anyone accountable for Jan-6

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