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Young Democrats of America lays out legislative agenda

Exactly 1 year after President Biden’s inauguration, the Young Democrats of America held a virtual press conference to lay out their legislative agenda for this administration and to discuss their priorities as a part of their YDA Mobilized Digital Week of Action.

During the press conference, YDA Leadership laid out the following legislative agenda:

  1. Build Back Better Plan
  2. Student Loan Forgiveness
  3. Justice in Policing Act
  4. BREATHE Act
  5. Voting Rights

YDA Comms Director Matt Royer started off by saying, “We believe the Democratic party is the party that meets the needs that we need now and must do the work to make sure the Democratic agenda is enacted. It is imperative that we tell our leaders that we expect them to keep the promises made in 2020 to get us here this time last year.”

“Election after election young democrats are expected to work on campaigns and vote blue no matter who, all while being given empty promises and out right pandering just to secure wins for the Democratic party while our needs are left on the back burner,” YDA Mobilized Leader Amber Sherman followed up. “Young folks are more than just labor and should be treated as such.”

YDA President Quentin Wathum-Ocama went through the full list of priorities in depth starting off with the Build Back Better Plan, “We need to represent the issues and viewpoints of the vast majority of Americans. We are the party of empathy and compassion to all those who need it, as has been shown time and time again. The BBB Act is the culmination of what we stand for. We fully support passing this legislation and we are asking that [Senator] Manchin to revisit his position.”

Wathum-Ocama stressed the importance of economic relief through Student Debt Relief and how important justice reform is in our economy by emphasizing the need to pass the Justice in Policing Act and the BREATHE Act.

Finally, Wathum-Ocama ended on the note of Voting Rights following the disappointing results of the January 19th Senate Session: “YDA was greatly disappointed with the decision by Senators Manchin and Sinema to join the 50 GOP Senators in voting against removing the filibuster and dooming the Freedom to Vote: John Lewis Voting Rights Act. If we can bypass the filibuster for the budget, we can bypass the filibuster for the people.”

The Young Democrats of America is the largest youth partisan organization in the United States, representing young Democrats across the country. The 2020 election saw the highest youth turnout we have ever seen and as a result the Democrats are holding a trifecta. YDA will continue to push their legislative agenda and hold their elected officials accountable, especially within their own party.

This article was released by the Young Democrats of America.