featured graphic for the campaign of Nick Liddi for Long Beach prosecutor

Hardcore gang prosecutor Nick Liddi launches campaign for Long Beach City Prosecutor

Hardcore gang prosecutor and Long Beach native Nick Liddi announced the launch of his campaign for Long Beach City Prosecutor. Liddi will challenge 12-year incumbent and current City Prosecutor Doug Haubert.

Liddi is a seasoned trial attorney who previously served as a Long Beach Deputy City Prosecutor and has experience working in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office and Burbank City Attorney’s office.

In his role at the LADA’s office, Liddi was assigned to the juvenile justice unit and hardcore gang division. Liddi intends to draw on that experience to bring a balanced approach to the City Prosecutor’s office that seeks reform and diversion where possible, while always maintaining public safety.

“Like many of our neighboring communities, Long Beach is experiencing an uptick in crime that endangers residents and diminishes quality of life,” said Liddi. “We need a new approach and new leadership in the City Prosecutor’s to address these challenges.”

“Doug Haubert has held this job for over a decade – we need a prosecutor, not a politician, to help keep Long Beach residents safe,” Liddi continued. “I have spent years not only prosecuting violent criminals, but also working with youth and at-risk individuals to seek reform and rehabilitation.”

“We must work to prevent crime before it ever occurs through prevention programs and investment in our community, but when it does, we have to take it seriously, hold those who are responsible accountable, and protect the innocent,” Liddi concluded.

This article was released by Nick Liddi for Long Beach City Prosecutor.