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Letter to the Editor: Non-elected committee wasting time and money on OCBE redistricting

Dear Editor,

The Orange County Board of Education (OCBE), a five-member board ELECTED by the people in the districts that they serve, spent seven months working at open public meetings on a new district map that would best represent the people. To ensure the integrity of this process, OCBE hired a respected NON-PARTISAN demographer who has done the redistricting for other Orange County school districts.

The result after this arduous process: Map 5, which has a fair population balance in all five districts.

Once Map 5 was completed and approved by the OCBE, the ONLY role for the Orange County Committee on School District Organization, an 11-member NON-ELECTED APPOINTED committee, is to confirm that the five new districts are population balanced – that each district has an equal number of residents.

This NON-ELECTED APPOINTED committee refuses to do their job and are condescending to those who disagree with them. Instead, they meet behind closed doors and then keep calling meetings to discuss other maps. The committee wastes taxpayer money having hired their own demographer and attorney and conducting multiple meetings. Is it because these eleven committee members are paid per meeting? As concerned residents that attend these meetings to support Map 5, we want to know how we can also get in on this paid gig. We would like to be paid along with the non-elected appointed committee members.


Robin Itzler – Cypress
Donna Barron-McGuire – Seal Beach
Clare Chu – Cypress
Beth Culver – Cypress
Harumi Lucak – Cypress
Maggie Marchese – Los Alamitos