A broadside from Spitzer against Tony Rackauckas opened local general election campaigns even before votes have have been officialized.

DA Spitzer holds #NoLAinOC themed reelect press conference on OC/LA County line

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer held a #NoLAinOC themed reelect press conference on the physical property line separating Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

The #NoLAinOC theme is not an insult to Los Angeles, but a warning against failed pro-criminal policies and woke District Attorneys who are accelerating the demise of communities around the country. Spitzer is running against a clone of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon and is fighting to keep the same disastrous policies that have destroyed Los Angeles from spreading to Orange County and elsewhere.

Spitzer was joined at the press conference by victims and victims’ family members from both Orange County and Los Angeles. The following individuals shared their stories and warned Orange County against electing a pro-criminal District Attorney, like Hardin or Gascon:

  • Patricia Wenskunas, Founder and CEO of Crime Survivors
  • Perla Mendoza, mother of murder victim Daniel Elijah Figueroa
  • Emma Rivas, mother of murder victim Christopher Beasley
  • Imelda Hernandez, mother of murder victim Christian Silva
  • Aurora Carlos, mother of murder victim Jose Benjamin Salvidres

Watch the full press conference here: https://fb.watch/aNvmfdkIp_/

During the press conference, Spitzer’s woke opponent, Pete Hardin, reached a new low by sending a mob to harass, accost, intimidate, and shout down the women, victims, and victims’ family members in attendance. Witnesses even observed Hardin’s field organizer orchestrating the mob on site.

Throughout the press conference, Hardin’s mob stood inches behind the attendees, shouted profanities and slurs in their ears, held large signs with pointed edges directly above their heads and near their eyes, and interrupted victim’s family members who were speaking.

“If the meaning of #NoLAinOC wasn’t already clear enough, Hardin’s mob tactics only help further illustrate exactly what we are trying to keep out of our community,” said Spitzer. “If you want to come at me that way, fine; I can take it and will never cave to the woke mob. But to sic a mob on women and mothers of victims is a new low for Pete, and that’s saying a lot given Hardin’s history of sexual misconduct predatory behavior.”

This is not the first time Hardin supporters and mobs have harassed and attacked attendees of Spitzer events. In May 2021, a couple was accosted and attacked while leaving a Spitzer fundraiser. The couple was specifically targeted by the mob, including with the use of anti-gay slurs, because of their sexual orientation.

This article was released by Todd Spitzer for District Attorney 2022.