featured graphic for the campaign of Deidre Thu-Ha Nguyen for State Assembly

Garden Grove Mayor Pro Tem Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen announces 2022 run for State Assembly

Garden Grove Mayor Pro Tem and cancer scientist Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen announced her candidacy for State Assembly in the newly drawn 70th Assembly District.

“This election is about our Democracy.” Diedre said. “It’s time we reject anger as a political weapon. It’s time we treat people we disagree with as neighbors, not as enemies. It’s time we return to the principles that made our country the envy of the world.

“My promise is ‘less talk, more action, gain trust.’ Restore trust in your legislators. Work together to restore trust in one another and our democracy,” Diedre continued.

“How can we find solutions to issues like homelessness and keeping our communities safe if we can’t talk to one another, can’t find common ground? I will listen to everyone, hear them out on their ideas regardless of party or ideology, and work for solutions that help everyone, not just the people who agree with me.”

Nguyen will run in the newly redistricted Assembly District 70. As now drawn, it retains the areas that make up Little Saigon and adds substantially more Democratic voters from Stanton, Santa Ana and Garden Grove, while losing heavily Republican areas Seal Beach and almost all of Huntington Beach. The old AD 72, where Nguyen ran in 2020, favored Republicans by 2.39%. The new AD 70 has a Democratic edge by 2.21%.

Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen was first elected to the Garden Grove City Council in 2016. She currently serves as the Mayor Pro Tem. For the past 23 years, she has been a cancer research scientist. Diedre and her husband, Thomas, who is also a medical scientist, have three sons. Diedre is a 2nd degree blackbelt in Hapkido.

This article was released by Diedre Thu-Ha Nguyen for Assembly.