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Room with a view: The Trump Distortion Field

Former President Trump held a rally in Texas on Saturday, January 29.

Mr. Trump is all about winning, except that he lost in 2020. The election was not stolen, despite the insistence by Trump allies and Mr. Trump himself that Democrats somehow did him wrong.

He did himself wrong.

He did his wingman wrong. He pressured Vice President Mike Pence to illegally and unconstitutionally disallow enough Biden electoral votes to throw the election to Trump.

He did his supporters wrong. They took his suggestions and ran with them all the way to Capitol Hill. Hundreds of those supporters are now facing legal consequences for their belief that they were saving the Republic by disrupting the Constitutionally-sanctioned accreditation of the election results.

At that rally in Texas, former President Trump fan-danced his second coming, telling his supporters (and the cameras):

“Another thing we’ll do, and so many people have been asking me about it, if I run and if I win we will treat those people from January 6 fairly,” Trump said during a rally in Conroe, Texas. “And if it requires pardons we will give them pardons because they are being treated so unfairly.”

Pay attention to his promise that it’s A-OK to break the law if you’re a Trump supporter, because he’s got your back. That promise is only different in scale from the looting and shoplifting loosed by progressive District Attorneys in places like Los Angeles and New York City who refuse to prosecute, free with no bail those arrested, and turn out of jail early those already convicted.

Mr. Trump is so full of himself that not only can’t he conceive that he lost, not only can’t he accept responsibility for handing two Georgia Senatorial seats to the Democrats (and therefore control of the Senate), not only can’t he just shut up, he continues to bully and bad-mouth people while grinning and fist-pumping and ginning up support for a new Presidential run in 2024.

The Democratic and Republican Parties served up a crummy choice in the 2020 presidential election. The country (barely) picked Biden, and (barely) gave control of the Senate to Charles Schumer and of the House of Representatives to Nancy Pelosi. President Biden has governed… incompetently. I will cheerfully vote against Democratic Representatives in this year’s elections, although my vote will likely be drowned out. If President Biden runs in 2024 (or, heaven save us, Kamala Harris), I will emphatically vote against him (or her).

Regarding a possible return of Donald J. Trump, I agree with Philip Klein at NRO:

No matter how much damage he causes to the country, Trump will never learn anything from the consequences of his actions. The only way to start to change things is for Republican voters to pick somebody else in 2024 who does not behave like Trump. Until then, he is not going anywhere, and elected Republicans will remain too afraid to criticize him for fear of retribution should he return to power.

So Republicans are either timid, or misled Trump supporters, or censured. Even Mitch McConnell carefully trims his sails a year after a blistering critique following the January 6 incident. But there aren’t enough registered Republicans to win a presidential election without people like me — registered as No Party Preference.

If Donald J. Trump’s name appears on a ballot in 2024, I will not vote for him. Neither will I vote for a Democrat. I will write in someone else’s name — maybe Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, or perhaps an historical figure such as Marcus Tullius Cicero, or mayhaps a fictional character such as Jefferson Smith.

Please, Republicans, step out of The Trump Distortion Field.


  1. The Republican National Committee (RNC) continues to pay Trumps legal fees and keep feeding the lies. Then the RNC hits your e-mail inbox with donation requests, but they don’t tell donors where their money is going. Stop the money flow to Trump and most of his perpetual con game will go away. The party is married to him and is too weak to ask for a divorce. Running on a platform of “we hate Biden” and no plan to govern is a losing proposition.

  2. Excellent observations of a time in our history when many positive things for America, only to be overshadowed by many negative things. Agree totally, time for return of conservative values. Remember, those elected are there to work on behalf of the citizens of America.

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