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Weather in northwest Orange County for Thursday, February 3, 2022

Weather in northwest Orange County for Thursday, February 3, 2022:


Sunny, with a high near 67. Calm wind becoming southwest around 5 mph in the afternoon.


CMostly clear, with a low around 44. Calm wind becoming east around 5 mph.

High temperatures are expected to rise gradually, reaching the mid-70s early in the next week and remaining warm.

Courtesy of HistoryNet:

  • 1690 The first paper money in America is issued in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  • 1783 Spain recognizes United States’ independence.
  • 1904 Colombian troops clash with U.S. Marines in Panama.
  • 1908 The U.S. Supreme Court rules that union-sponsored boycotts are illegal, and applies the Sherman Antitrust Act to labor as well as capital.
  • 1912 New U.S. football rules are set: field shortened to 100 yards; touchdown counts six points instead of five; four downs are allowed instead of three; and the kickoff is moved from midfield to the 40 yd. line.
  • 1917 A German submarine sinks the U.S. liner Housatonic off coast of Sicily. The United States severs diplomatic relations with Germany.
  • 1927 President Calvin Coolidge signs a bill creating the Federal Radio Commission to regulate the airwaves.
  • 1944 The United States shells the Japanese homeland for the first time at Kurile Islands.
  • 1945 The month-long Battle of Manila begins.
  • 1962 President John F. Kennedy bans all trade with Cuba.
  • 1984 The Environmental Protection Agency orders a ban on the pesticide EDB for grain products.