Cypress Police Department

Shortly before 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday, February 1, our household woke up to the bright flashing lights of Cypress Police Department SUVs parked on Orange Avenue behind and a couple doors west of our house.

Did I mention that the flashing lights were bright? At 6:30 in the morning? Before sunrise?

When I investigated, I counted six SUVs altogether, including one parked at the curb on the cross-street and another that had just pulled around the corner onto the cross-street. A female officer exited the latter vehicle and began searching the front yards of nearby houses.

I tried to see whether, for instance, there was someone seated on the curb, but the lights were too bright to see past. From prior experience, I knew that the well-trained officers of the Cypress Police Department would not give out information if I marched up officiously and demanded answers. They would be blandly polite and decline comment.

So I went back inside and fired off an email to higher-ups in the Department, requesting information on the incident.

Captain Matt Timney graciously responded. He reported that a call had come in about a prowler in Sorrento, the neighborhood south across Orange Avenue. Police officers were able to find the prowler and “arrested him for theft, possession of stolen property, and a violation of his parole.”

Officers were also able to find stolen property, which was returned to its owner.

Well done!

(Even if I do grouse about the lights — did I mention that they were very bright?)


  1. Want to help those police that are protecting you? How about you stay in your house and let them do their job. And I’m sure they appreciate your email demanding information while the scene is still unfolding.

    1. Author


      Thank you for reading Orange County Breeze, and for taking the time to comment on this article.

      You may have misread my actions regarding finding out what was happening during the incident on February 1.

      I did not go out there meaning to disrupt what the Cypress Police were doing. I did not take a video with my phone. I did not march up to, say, the officer who was separated from the rest (because she was searching the front yards of nearby houses) and demand that she tell me what was going on. I did not get closer to the center of the parked cruisers than a hundred feet.

      As for the email to the Department: yes, I did send the email while officers were still on the scene. However, please note the date of publication of the article: February 6, days after the incident. I did not in those intervening days badger them with further emails or phone calls or in-person visits to the lobby of the spiffy newly remodeled Department. I know and respect both Captain Revere (currently in charge of administration) and Captain Timney (operations), and trusted that a response to my inquiry would be forthcoming. Further, I sent the email as editor of Orange County Breeze. The wording was polite.

      Once a response was received, I composed an article that explicitly described Cypress Police officers as “well-trained” and included my observations. As I had no interaction with any of the officers, I could include no description of interactions that never took place. The article ended with praise for the Department: “Well done!”

      As a local journalist, I have a responsibility to report. As a homeowner, I need to be aware of events in and around my neighborhood.

      Had there been danger, either to my physical well-being or of interference with the officers, I am sure that I would have been firmly instructed to go home. I would have complied.

      Again, thank you for reading Orange County Breeze.

      Shelley Henderson
      editor, Orange County Breeze

  2. Just one day prior to this event on Jan-31 at about 2:00AM, the Cypress PD had a bigger bust than this. Three people broke into a restaurant at Ball/Moody and CPD was either patrolling nearby or were at the Arco gas station and saw something suspicious. After CPD and other police agencies, including an Anaheim PD helicopter responded, all three were captured. If you thought in your dreams that night there was a voice in the sky, you were not dreaming, it was the bullhorn from the helicopter. Good eyes and ears of the Cypress PD.

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