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Michelle Steel: Jay Chen conceals detail that he supports Chinese Communist Party-Funded Confucius Institutes

Jay Chen recently deleted web pages showing his support for single-payer health care and higher taxes, but while Chen also touts his school board experience in the now-deleted files, he conveniently omits one critical element: his ardent backing of the radical, Chinese funded Confucius Institutes in school systems.

Lucky for voters, Chen can’t delete the entire Internet.

For years, as a school board member, Chen supported the Chinese Communist Party-backed institutes which many have said are simply a method of infiltrating American educational institutions.

When parents raised their concerns with Chen about the CCP-fueled indoctrination effort, Chen turned his back, calling them “xenophobic.”

While Chen remains a steadfast supporter of them, the U.S. Senate last year UNANIMOUSLY passed a bill to tighten controls on Confucius Institutes.

“As Michelle Steel last week passed an amendment to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for environmental abuses, Jay Chen continues championing the CCP’s infiltration into our schools and calling parents who dare to challenge him, xenophobic,” said Michelle Steel Spokesperson Lance Trover. “Jay Chen owes voters and explanation as to why he continues standing with the Chinese Communist Party over California parents and families.”

It’s a good thing not all of The Chen Files have been deleted.

This article was released by Michelle Steel for Congress.


  1. ” hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for environmental abuses” Forget it Michelle Steel. The Chinese government is laughing at you. If they greased your palms with a few thousand dollars in donations, you would do anything they wanted. Why don’t you sponsor another toothless resolution for the Chinese government to drop their mask mandate for the Olympics.

  2. Jay Chen is a Navy Lieutenant Commander with a Top Secret clearance. He supported Chinese language and culture classes, but this doesn’t mean that he supports the Chinese government. Newport Mesa USD has a Mandarin immersion program, does that make them linked to the communist party if China? There’s nothing wrong with learning about cultures of other countries and learning languages other than English. Jay’s family is also from Taiwan, and if don’t know the history between the two countries, maybe there’s some research that needs to be done. I’ll give you a quick reminder: Taiwan does not want to be a part of China.

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