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Lakewood City Council recap: Eight miles of Lakewood streets to be repaved

A major allocation of federal, state and county transportation funds will be coming to Lakewood this year. On Tuesday evening, the City Council voted to allocate $5 million of the funds to repave eight miles of Lakewood streets.

Lakewood streets are known throughout the region for their excellent condition, but some major thoroughfares need frequent repaving to stay in good shape because of their heavy use. The repaving program approved by the council will be focused on those streets that need repaving the most. The city will receive more federal, state and county funds in the years ahead, and will keep focusing on the streets most in need at that time.

“This steady allotment of funds will help us keep Lakewood’s streets in the smooth, top-notch condition that our residents appreciate and have come to expect,” said City Manager Thaddeus McCormack, “which is an expectation that we are very happy to meet as their city government.”

This article was released by the City of Lakewood.

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  1. What streets will be repaved?

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