featured graphic for the State Assembly campaign of Tri Ta for State Assembly District 70

Fountain Valley Councilman and former Mayor Michael Vo endorses Mayor Tri Ta in 70th District Assembly race

Republican Mayor Tri Ta announced the endorsement of Fountain Valley Councilman and former Mayor Michael Vo.

“It hasn’t been easy to be a local leader through the challenges of Covid-19. Mayor Tri Ta has shown what real leadership looks like in the face of a challenge – he’s fought against state takeovers of local control and understands how important it is to not give an inch when leftists push their radical ideas into our cities. I’m confident he will do the same in Sacramento,” said Councilman Michael Vo.

“Councilman Vo has been a strong voice for conservative principles throughout his time serving the City of Fountain Valley. I have enjoyed working with him to make our Orange County communities safer and more prosperous,” said Mayor Tri Ta.

First elected to the Fountain Valley City Council in 2010, Michal Vo made history when he was sworn in as Fountain Valley’s first Vietnamese-American mayor in 2013. He is known as a staunch advocate for economic development, taxpayer protections, and a healthy business environment.

Tri Ta believes in the United States’ mission of uplifting the individual by expanding freedom and opportunity. He is fiscally conservative, opposed to defunding the police, supports a middle-class tax cut, and will always fight for small businesses. That’s why when Gavin Newsom unfairly accused nail salons of spreading COVID-19 he took action, defending the small businesses and employees that desperately needed to stay open in order to pay the bills. Tri’s life is an example of what the liberty of the United States can do to impact lives. In the Assembly, he will fight to make sure every American has these same opportunities… a fair shot… a level playing field.

The 70th District includes the cities of Garden Grove, Westminster, Fountain Valley, Stanton, and Los Alamitos as well as portions of Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Rossmoor, Seal Beach, and Midway City. It is home to Orange County’s Little Saigon, where many Vietnamese political refugees settled in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. The district has a D+2 registration advantage, and Joe Biden won this sure to be competitive seat by 0.4% in 2020.

To learn more about Tri Ta and his campaign for the 70th District, visit his website at TriTaForAssembly.com.

This article was released by Tri Ta For Assembly 2022.