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Hour-long power outage darkens parts of Cypress

A thunderstorm moved through the Greater Los Angeles area late Tuesday afternoon. Based on a handy table posted by INO Technologies, plus our own counting (one one-hundred, two one-hundred…), the storm cell responsible for the power outage came within a mile of our location, then lumbered off until we couldn’t hear the thunder anymore.

The lights went out in Cypress shortly before 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 15. To be precise, the lights went out, then came back on. Then the lights went out, and came back on. Finally, the lights went out, and stayed out.

According to Southern California Edison, about 3200 customers were affected. Edison located the problem in the residential area east of Forest Lawn Cemetery.

The lights came back on to stay almost an hour later, sooner than Edison projected.

If you were cooking with electricity, your dinner preparation was thoroughly disrupted. However, your evening’s television viewing or streaming could be enjoyed once power was restored.