Lincoln Club of Orange County

Lincoln Club of Orange County endorses Mari Barke, Tim Shaw, and Lisa Sparks for Orange County Board of Education

California’s leading conservative donor organization, the Lincoln Club of Orange County, announced its endorsement of 2nd District Trustee Mari Barke, 4th District Trustee Tim Shaw, and 5th District Trustee Lisa Sparks in their re-election to the Orange County Board of Education.

Lincoln Club of Orange County President Teresa Hernandez issued the following statement:

“Time and time again, Barke, Shaw, and Sparks have stood up for parental rights and high-quality education. Whether standing up to Governor Newsom to re-open K-12 schools, holding bureaucrats accountable for wasteful spending of tax dollars, or ruling in favor of parental rights for inter-district transfers so families are no longer penalized by their zip codes, these trustees have been superstars for Orange County.

Barke, Shaw, and Sparks have been firm voices for freedom in educational choice and fighting back against overreach. We were proud to see these Trustees expose the divisive, Ethnic Studies/CRT curricula being advanced by local school districts so that our parents can better understand what their children are being taught.

These three have been the subject of countless nakedly political attacks since they have actively stood up for educational freedom and create opportunities for charter schools outside of union control. We are not intimidated by these threats and proudly give our endorsement to great Trustees like Barke, Shaw, and Sparks that work tirelessly to ensure greater outcomes for Orange County’s next generation.

Trustees Barke, Shaw, and Sparks have been our greatest allies in the shared, ongoing mission to expand educational opportunities for Orange County students and families.”

This article was released by the Lincoln Club of Orange County.