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New Majority endorses Lanhee Chen for California State Controller

New Majority California announced its endorsement of Lanhee Chen for the California State Controller.

“Lanhee has a stellar record as a brilliant problem solver who has honed his skills while tackling some of our State’s and Nation’s biggest problems,” said Howard Hakes, Chairman of New Majority California. “Lanhee is committed to transparency, accountability and responsible oversight of our taxpayer dollars, something we have been lacking in Sacramento for some time. The California taxpayers have gone without a strong fiscal watchdog and the result has been billions of tax dollars lost with no consequences for those who are supposed to be at the helm. We are thrilled to support Lanhee Chen because he is exactly who we need to represent the taxpayers and provide some badly needed fiscal oversight in Sacramento,” concluded Hakes.

The New Majority is one of the largest statewide political organization in California. Through education and contributions, it seeks to inform its membership and contribute resources to Republican and other philosophically aligned candidates and issues that share its mission. More information about New Majority can be found here.

This article was released by New Majority California.