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County of Orange receives federal funding for round two of State Homekey program

The County of Orange (County) was awarded $17 million in funding under Round Two of the State Homekey program to acquire the former Quality Inn and Suites in Huntington Beach and convert the former hotel into 62 units of housing for people experiencing homelessness and chronic homelessness. The County submitted the application for the motel conversion project (referred to HB Oasis) as co-applicants with American Family Housing and National Community Renaissance of California (National Core), and in partnership with the city of Huntington Beach.

“This is a big win for Orange County,” said Chairman Doug Chaffee, Fourth District Supervisor. “With the help of our partners, this funding helps accelerate our progress toward finding affordable housing for every resident in our County, especially those experiencing homelessness.”

“The homelessness crisis is a national issue,” said Vice Chairman Don Wagner, Third District. “Finding long-term solutions will be key in sheltering those at risk of experiencing homelessness.”

The Homekey program seeks to quickly fund the conversion of motel units and other eligible properties into housing as part of the State’s response to COVID-19.

“Orange County continues to expand supportive housing measures,” said Supervisor Andrew Do, First District. “The additional funding from the State will help create more safe places for people experiencing homelessness and supportive services to help them reach self-sufficiency.”

“Project Homekey will allow us to house our most vulnerable residents and make our neighborhoods safer by converting motels that are often crime magnets into supportive housing that can that serves Veterans and families in need,” said Supervisor Foley, Second District. “In 2021 our office worked with our County team to increase opportunities for conversions in the community. We look forward to exploring more opportunities this year with the third round of funding.”

“While the Homekey program was derived in response to the pandemic, it enabled the County to move forward in developing a system of care through the availability of additional resources,” said Supervisor Lisa Bartlett, Fifth District. “This project is a great example of agencies coming together to find solutions that will positively impact our community.”

HB Oasis (17251 Beach Boulevard, Huntington Beach)

  • As co-applicants with American Family Housing and National Community Renaissance of California (National CORE) and in partnership with the City of Huntington Beach, the County was awarded $17,000,000 for HB Oasis. Currently known as the Quality Inn, Huntington Beach Oasis will involve the rehabilitation and adaptive re-use of a 65-room motel. The property will operate as interim housing for a period of up to five years to serve chronically homeless and homeless individuals and ultimately be converted into Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) for extremely low-income persons who experience homelessness or are at risk of homelessness. Following initial renovations, the project will consist of 62 PSH units, two units for staff, and one unit converted into a common area.

The project is one of three that the County of Orange applied for in Round Two of the State Homekey program. If awarded, the three projects will create a total of 122 new affordable homes for people experiencing homelessness who have been impacted by COVID-19 in Orange County. This will be in addition to the 132 units created from The Tahiti Motel and Stanton Inn and Suites projects awarded in Round One of the Homekey program.

The article above was released by the County of Orange.