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YDA calls for harshest possible sanctions on Russian Federation

The Russian Federation led by its authoritarian oligarchs have launched an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Civilians have been killed and hospitals have been bombed. Fighting is happening inside the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone that could lead to nuclear contamination of Ukraine and Europe.

We call upon Congress and the Biden Administration to enact the harshest possible sanctions against the Russian Federation and Belarus. We must deprive these aggressors of the economic means and will to topple the democratically elected government of Ukraine. Sanctions that should include the following:

  • Expelling Russia and Belarus from the SWIFT System
  • Ending software licenses for military and civilian equipment in Russia and Belarus
  • Targeting all large Russian financial institutions
  • Blocking the export of any materials used to support the Russian military

We also call upon Congress and the Biden Administration to expedite any requests for political asylum for Belarusian, Russian, and Ukrainian civil society activists. These activists are facing imprisonment or execution at the hands of Russian occupation forces having previously been named on “kill lists” confirmed by US intelligence. This expedited process must include increased funding for our immigration courts to handle any increased burden.

To truly stand in solidarity Ukrainian people requires nothing less. FDR said this country had to be the Arsenal of Democracy to help Britain fight against Nazi Germany over 80 years ago. Let us again fulfill that role and defend democracy in Europe.

This article was released by the Young Democrats of America.